We hope 2021 will be an improvement for you on last year and we will be doing our best to help you with your music and performing arts lessons. We have made it our mission to keep the music going in our classrooms and we will soon be announcing resources to make it even easier to teach a general music program, whether you are a music specialist or a general classroom teacher.

This Newsletter

  • $320 off Music Room middle and upper primary bundle
    until Australia Day.
  • 2020 pricing on Music Room books + USB until Australia Day.
  • Coming shortly – Advance Australia Fair Assembly Edition
    (with new words)
  • Coming shortly – Music Room presentation resources.

Music Room middle and upper primary bundle
We have put together a special bundle for you – Music Rooms 5, 6 and 7 – Teacher books with AV and assessment materials on accompanying USB drives. This bundle saves you $320 (about 37%) and is available at this price until Australia Day.
Tap here to purchase. 




Beat the (albeit small) price rise before Australia Day

We have reluctantly had to increase some prices for 2021.

Not major increases but increases nevertheless.
We are offering all Music Room Teacher Books at the 2020 price until Australia Day.
Music Rooms 1-7 with USB.

Tap here to purchase.


Advance Australia Fair (2021 Edition)
We are putting the final touches on the 2021 edition of Advance Australia Fair.
For we are ONE and free.

This is a version of Advance Australia Fair in a key singable by kids with included tracks sung by kids and backing tracks as well.

We have a new assembly version almost ready designed for presentation at an assembly, concert or in your classroom.


  • Flag video one verse version
  • Flag video two verse version
  • Vocal track one verse version
  • Backing track one verse version
  • Vocal track two verse version
  • Backing track two verse version
  • Words an music.

Keep an eye on this blog and/or look out for our newsletters, or contact us for more details.