Bushfire Press is an Australian education resource company focusing on Music and the Performing Arts, particularly targeting children from ages 4 to 12.

A Little History

Bushfire Press began life in the 1980s in Melbourne, Australia.

We started our journey providing schools with original ‘junior’ MUSICALS, which have since been performed around the world and many of which are still being performed today.

As we grew, we added plays, mini musicals, recorder resources & courses, integrated arts units, instrumental arrangements, a dance program and singing and dancing resources to our list.

This naturally led to the development of the award-winning classroom music program, MUSIC ROOM, Australia’s only comprehensive music program fully resourcing the ACARA Music Curriculum standards.

MUSIC ROOM 7 was voted Best Primary Teaching Resource at the Australian Publishers Association Educational Publishing Awards in 2012, outclassing Science and Maths publications in the final. We are extremely proud of this achievement.

MUSIC ROOM remains one of the most popular music programs in the world and is taught in countries from South Africa, to New Zealand, United Kingdom to the Middle East and in Asia.

MUSIC ROOM is not the end of the journey.

We have added an Orff Schulwerk program, WE’RE ORFF, which is proving very popular in Australia, the United States, Canada and Europe as well as international schools in Asia.

WE’RE ORFF is unique in that it also teaches teachers to implement the Orff Approach to teaching music.

Our latest publication is a 4-level listening and appreciation program, LISTENING ROOM which helps teachers take their classes on a journey through the space and time of western music (Classical through to 20th Century).

What is next, well may you ask?

Watch this space.

The Bushfire Press Team

Mark Leehy – Product Developer and Publisher

Lynne Bartlett

Lynne Bartlett – Performing Arts and Administration

Kevin O'Mara

Kevin O’Mara – Product Design, Print Production and Administration

Steve Vermont

Steve Vermont – Management, Digital Publishing and Technical Support