Australia – Songs That’ll Amaze Ya! Our collaboration with Ian Ross Williams

This is an essential songbook for Aussie teachers! It has:

Action and echo songs

Rounds and easy percussion arrangements

Orff arrangements and melodic accompaniments

Music and arrangements suitable for ages 5-14

All with step by step teaching instructions and instrumental tracks for performances!

To find out more and hear audio examples click here!

Music Room Alive Level 1 CoverMusic Room Alive – Available now.

Music Room Alive – where we do the teaching for you.

  • Little or no preparation
  • You can learn with your students
  • Perfect for the general classroom teacher – or to take the pressure off the music specialist
  • Brilliant for Home Schoolers

Both levels 1 and 2 available for purchase

We use a PowerPoint-style format with embedded video to teach your students directly. All you have to do is join in.
Check out the video of the intro to the first lesson below.

Tap Here for more information

We do the teaching for you!

Tap Here to access our Music Room Alive series

NATIONAL ANTHEMAdvance Australia Fair Assembly Edition Cover

Advance Australia Fair – We are ONE and free

Advance Australia fair has changed and so have we.

A fabulous current (2021)  version of the National Anthem – complete with traditional didgeridoo and contemporary electric guitars! Available to purchase digitally on MR-Connect for iPad and Android, Mac and PC.


Available Here

Demonstration Video
for Level 1 Unit 1 Lesson 1

Music Room Slideshow

Companion Powerpoint-style presentations to
Music Room Teacher Books and eMusic Room

Levels 1 and 2 available now.

We have teamed with Campion Education to bring you this title on the Campion My-Connect Reader. Campion Education is a family owned Australian business and a major supplier of learning resources to primary and secondary schools in Australia.

  • All you need for presentation to your students.
  • Includes embedded videos and audio as well all charts referred to in the print Teacher Book and eBook.
  • No more need for CDs, DVDs or USBs
  • No more hours of Powerpoint slide preparation.

Available Here

Coming in 2024!

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Demonstration Video
Opening Slides for Wellerman Lesson

Music Room Alive – Sea Shanties

A set of seven fully presented lessons around the theme of Sea Shanties.

Written by We’re Orff author, Tamara O’Brien and Music Room author, Kevin O’Mara and introducing the Lost Quays shantymen.

These lessons start with the now famous “Wellerman”.
Suitable for middle and upper primary levels (years 4-7).

Informed by the Orff Approach, the lessons cover song, melody, beat and rhythm, movement, call and response, tuned and untuned instruments and ukulele as well as performance.

Our Orff practitioner, Tamara O’Brien, presents the lessons to your class. All you need to do is prepare your classroom and join in with your students. Audio, video and scores are all included.

Available Here

Work from Home Resources
We have set up a Work from Home resource page with links to resources and special lessons to help you plan and present lessons for your students working at home. Tap or click here!
Make sure you register below with your personal email address so that we can keep you informed.

Listening and Responding Exercises for Primary Students
We are making a special podcast available – a series of musical appreciation lessons mainly for primary or elementary students. Younger children will also enjoy it. The series is available free during the current home isolation emergency.
You will find the podcast and more information by tapping or clicking here.

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