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eReader Trial

If you are part of the eReader trial with Apple Books and/or Adobe Digital Editions,
You can find further informaton and FAQs by tapping here.

UPDATE – eReader problems. Tuesday Feb 27th 2024

Grey screen problem should be less prevalent.
Please let us know if you are still having problems and we will get you the material you need asap.

UPDATE – eReader problems. Tuesday Feb 20th 2024

Kitaboo have informed us that they will have a new version of the Kitaboo web based app available tonight

Webapp login is https://read.kitaboo.com/reader/V5/#!/
from your web browser.

Please use Chrome for Windows
Safari or Chrome for Mac

If you experience the grey screen problem, and especially if you have a slow internet connection,
please wait for a while for the book to load.
Our books and slides can be large files with rich media content and many pages.
Kitaboo have not (yet) provided a message telling you your book is downloading and giving you the progress.
We have asked them to do this.

There may still be some audio issues with Edge on Windows
and desktop apps.
These are currently being addressed by Kitaboo.

If you need any copies of lessons or audio tracks to get you through, please let us know.

Thank you for your patience.

We will publish any updates with the download links here.

If you need any copies of lessons to get you through, please let us know.

Q. I cannot login to my MR-Connect and/or Campion Reader.


    • We moved across to the new Kitaboo Reader quite a while ago and you may have missed the notification emails.


    • We may already have you registered on the Kitaboo Reader.Go to


    Login using your registered email address.

If you have forgotten your password or do not have one, use the “forgotten password” function to reset it.

Still no luck? Please contact us by tapping here

Australian Curriculum Mapping

Q. Where can I find curriculum mapping for Music Room and what more can you tell me?

Q.Which version of the Australian Curriculum has been mapped with Music Room?

  • A.We have the now previous version mapped but have not yet mapped version 9.
    However here is an article that explains the differences between the music curriculum in the older Australian curriculum and the new V9 curriculum.The curriculum mapping documents on our website are provided in each level of the books. As there is now a foundation strand I believe you can still use the mapping provided for book 1 and edit the text at the top in the content descriptor to match the new curriculum content descriptors for foundation/prep. The other content descriptors haven’t changed a great deal and we believe you could tweak our current curriculum mapping documents in the same way.We will be updating these documents this year.


Music Room AV Resource downloads

Q. I have downloaded the file but I am unable to open the app in Mac OS
Message: “Music Room XY” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified


    • Right click, two finger tap or Command tap on the app in Finder to open for the first time.


    • Alternatively, there is further advice from Apple on how to open.