eBook Readers – Apple Books and Adobe Digital Editions

Apple Books

Apple Books is the preferred reader for our current eBooks trial.

Question. I am having difficulties downloading my file. What should I do?

  • Your school may be blocking downloads.
    If this is the case, please see your local technician
    Any domain with *bushfirepress* needs to be unblocked for downloads.
  • or download at home.

Still having problems? Please contact us

Question. I have downloaded my book.epub file. How do I read it?

  • Create a folder called “Music Room” in your “Documents” folder
  • Using Finder, drag the downloaded epub file into your Music Room Folder.
  • Tap on the file. It should open automatically in Apple Books.

Question. My eBook did not open in Apple Books. What do I do next?

  • In Finder, right click on the epub file
  • Choose “Get info”
  • Choose Books.app in “Open With”
  • Tap “change all” to make it default for all ePubs

Adobe Digital Editions

For Windows.

You will need to download Adobe Digital Editions

  • Create a folder called “Music Room” in your “Documents” folder
  • Using Explorer, drag the downloaded file(s) into your Music Room Folder.
  • If it is a .zip file, unzip it
    You should now have see your .epub files in your Music Room folder.
  • Open Adobe Digital Editions
  • Go to File -> Add to Library
    Locate the new .epub file(s) in your chosen Music Room Folder (see above)
  • Choose the file and this will load into your Digital Editions Library. It should be there next time you login.

Question. How do I display just a single page (or double pages).

  • In Adobe Digital Editions, tap on a page to make it active.
  • Go to Reading in the top menu. (You will find some nice options here).
  • Choose Single Page View (or Double Page View)

For information about Adobe Digital Editions including the download link, tap here.