A collection of music games for primary school students compiled by Lauren Fairbairn and Rob Fairbairn.

Suitable for primary school aged students.

40 Simple Music Games is a collection of 40 fantastic games for use by the music specialist and classroom teacher alike. It comes with a CD of music tracks for the games, and a DVD containing demonstrations by the authors. This resource is:

  • Full of old favourites and new ideas
  • Graded and categorised
  • Ideal for warm-ups, lesson breaks, replacement teachers, rewards, rainy days and camps
  • A fun way to develop skills and promote understanding of musical concepts
  • Suitable for students with and without prior musical knowledge
  • An ideal assessment tool.
Detailed description

Here is a copy of the contents page for 40 Simple Music Games which includes a list of the games included in this resource.

40 Simple Music Games Contents Page

Product samples

Game Sample: Body Rhythm Echo

  • Teacher/leader plays a short (onebar) rhythm using body percussion
  • Class echoes.
  • Teacher/leader repeats rhythm – but uses a different body percussion sequence. (See demo video below)
  • Students must echo the rhythm exactly.
  • Students can be chosen to be leader.


  • Choose different time signatures.
  • Include vocal sounds as part of the rhythm.
  • Increase the difficulty level by extending the length of the rhythm.