A listening and appreciation program by Lauren Fairbairn and Rob Fairbairn.

Suitable for students in upper primary.

Discover a world of music through your ears! This fantastic resource includes 10 lessons in listening and appreciation for upper primary. It includes lesson plans, audio, charts, guided imagery, videos and outcomes tracking resources.

The Robot Dvorak returns to take students on a Magical History Tour through the Baroque and Classical ages. Sit in as the Town Council plans Handel’s Water Music and be there as a frustrated neighbour accidentally inspires Beethoven’s 5th Symphony – here is real music with an engaging wrapping (and a small nod to the Pythons).

This title takes a detailed and specific look at the comparative musical features of Baroque and Classical, through the music of Handel, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. Aspects such as monophony and polyphony, theme and variation, rondo form, concerto and symphony are the chief areas of exploration. Differences in architecture and fashion, and differences in instrumentation, are also explored as background to the different musical forms.

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