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Listening and Responding Exercises for Primary Students

We are making a special podcast available – a series of musical appreciation lessons mainly for primary or elementary students. Younger children will also enjoy it.
The series is available free during the current home isolation emergency.
Each lesson provides guided listening and movement activities with links to optional follow-up activities.
Perfect to help young people stay grounded and broaden their experience and appreciation of classical music.
There are four series in these podcasts each catering for differing age levels.

You will find the podcast by tapping or clicking here.

The Music Room Choice Board series has been written to help the delivery of music activities in the classroom AND in the home, initially for the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath, but also to help with home schooling and out-of-school music activities.

As teachers ourselves, we understand the difficulties you, as a teacher or parent, are working with and we have made each title in the series available to you at whatever price you can afford to pay (starting at $1) for the duration of the crisis.

Find out more here.

Support for Home Learning

We have been contacted by a number teachers requesting clarification of our policies and support for uploading audio, video and video files to school remote systems for use by students at home. We will do as much as we can to help and support you including providing free activities for you to use.
So here are our guidelines.

Music Room and Remote Learning

  • Music Room is designed as a resource for teachers presenting to their classes and as such is not immediately suitable for posting directly to your school LMS.
  • We are working on modifying lessons – and we encourage teachers to modify lessons to make them suitable for posting to remote learning technologies. If you have modified some lessons, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us by clicking or tapping here.

Copying material to school home based learning systems

  • If you are using Music Room for some of your “face to face” remote learning lessons, you are very welcome to have the charts and music tracks on your Google Classroom.
  • However you must not share this material outside your own class.
  • This material should not be on your system simply for general access even by your class – upload charts and music tracks as you need them for lessons you are delivering – not as a general bulk upload.
  • If you need help with specific files to upload, please contact us by clicking or tapping here.

In a nutshell:
You can copy specific files you are using for specific lessons to your school’s remote learning system. But only the files you are using for those lessons.