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    Written for students in their final years of primary school.

    Continuing to build on skills and concepts covered in Music Room 6, Music Room 7 introduces 4 great new units:

  • Rhythm & Rhyme – rap & hip hop rhythms, rhyming loops, turnarounds, chords.
  • Body & Beat – rhythm, movement & choreography, body percussion, found objects.
  • Words & Music – generating lyrics, making melodies, creating songs, grooves & colours.
  • Fun ‘n’ Games – a fun ending to the program, with musical puzzles & games, battle of the bands, class party.
  • Over an hour of videos, including demonstrations by hip hop dancers, beatboxers, an Indigenous gumleaf & didgeridu player, technique work on tuned percussion, body percussion examples, dance steps, choreography and sound exploration. Bonus access to web extras: extensive background information and material, as well as useful links for the various musical styles covered + additional scores + worked solutions for puzzles & games!

    There is a lot more available too with many titles on special.
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    Marie Kondo may have given up being tidy with kids – but we haven’t.
    Here is some advice you can use with your students – why not turn it into a lesson?

    Marie Kondo – KonMari method

    Marie Kondo is a woman who likes to keep things neat and tidy. Her KonMari method is all about organizing your stuff so that it’s easier to find and you can enjoy your things more.

    Here are the basic steps:

      1. Take everything out of the place where it belongs (like your cupboard or drawers).

      2. Hold each item and ask yourself, “Does this make me happy?” This means, does it feel good when you look at it or use it?

      3. If it does make you happy, then keep it and find a special place for it in your room where you can easily find it and use it.

      4. If it doesn’t make you happy, then it’s time to say goodbye to it. You can thank the item for serving its purpose and let it go by taking it to the op-shop, giving it away or throwing it in the rubbish bin if you can’t do those things.

    So, basically, the KonMari method is all about keeping the things that make you happy and getting rid of the things that don’t. It’s a great way to stay organized and make sure you’re surrounded by things that bring you joy!

    Need more information?
    Here is the Marie Kondo Wikipedia page.

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