Now $24! — Time-saving and reproducible sheets for engagement, concept reinforcement, extension, assessment and rewards. Includes cutting & pasting, simple puppet making, drawing and colouring. Ideal for student portfolios!

Only $20! — 40 Simple Drama Games is a teacher friendly resource useful for drama specialists, classroom teachers, CRTs, and Music or PE specialists.

Now $26! — This piano score complements the photocopiable Book and USB

Now $25! — This is an elegant collection for descant recorder! It contains 12 pieces, each with 3 parts and an accompanying poem. With the recorder parts and the reading of the poems – you have a great, ready-made concert item.



Only $20! — A great collection of instant music games for primary school students

Only $20! — A variety of activities suitable for use with students from lower primary to early secondary.

Now $24! — This resource provides a book and music including full instructions and music for 10 folk dances. Original music recorded at Melba Hall.

Now $39! — This excellent resource includes easy to read instructions for all 12 bush dances, and 12 songs which are called to allow students to keep up with ease. Also included is a video of each dance.






Now $32! — This book is full of popular songs that provides an opportunity for enjoyable physical activity. The book contains great illustrations of the steps, and the audio provides music and dance calls where appropriate.

Only $20! — A fantastic resource that comes with book and CD Rom. Yes! An actual CD Rom! It includes 14 classic Australian songs.