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Royalty Free
Ideal for youth theatre. Pre-school and lower primary children will love to be an audience for your students with this easy, fun pantomime, done in the classic tradition with bright new funky songs, specially composed.
Great PR for future clientele - put on a show for your feeder schools.

Kits are sold as a photocopiable book (script, lyrics, score) and a vocal/instrumental audio cassette.
by Geoff Maddern, Shirley Sydenham & Celia Meehan.

Oh dear! It's the king's birthday - and everyone's forgotten...or have they?
A delightful and cheeky musical pantomime for the whole family with crazy characters, easy, fun songs, music and dancing. Great for older kids to perform for younger kids - or for everyone to perform.
Running Time: 70 min.
large mixed cast.
1 set.
$70.00 + GST

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