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Kids in Camelot Production Hire Kit


A musical by Bartlett-Billings-Fairbairn-Leehy-O’Mara


A musical by Bartlett-Billings-Fairbairn-Leehy-O’Mara. Duration: 60 minutes. 13 principals and 10-20 small parts. Provision for choruses of courtiers, peasants, carnival folk. 1 basic set.

Written to suit performers from middle primary to early secondary. A great show for the inclusion of school performance groups such as calisthenics, aerobics and dance clubs.

Based on Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, this is the tale of an Australian schoolboy who falls asleep doing his history homework and wakes up in Camelot. He introduces modern technology to the ancient kingdom and tries to outwit Merlin, who sees him as a rival Wizard. But is the old world ready to meet the new?

ROYALTY PAYMENTS: 12% of gross takings, with a minimum of $150 per performance + GST. Click here to learn more about performance royalties.

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