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  • Scripts are PHOTOCOPIABLE. A copying fee is charged. Copies must be destroyed after your production. No production may be staged without payment of this fee.
  • Band parts and vocal CDs are sold and are copiable.
  • Piano/vocal scores and backing CDs are hired and are not copiable.
  • Royalties - Performance royalties apply - whether admission is charged for or not. See Royalty Categories
  • Permission required for filming or video/audio taping and/or duplicating.
  • Bushfire Press musicals are protected by the Australian Copyright Act and cannot be performed in part or in whole without permission from the publisher.
    Please have your APPLICATION TO PERFORM acknowledged BEFORE rehearsals commence.

    What to do
  • Order the shows you would like to peruse. We will send a script, vocal CD and video (if available). We charge $11 for P+P for as many titles as you wish to peruse.
  • Return the shows you do not wish to perform. Keep script, video & vocal CD of the show you wish to perform and order the other components as required (piano/vocal score, band parts, backing CD etc).

    Backing CDs
    You don't have a band? Most of our shows now have an instrumental backing CD containing all the parts in the score.
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