Welcome to Music Room Digital Reader

We have moved to a new and easier to use reader.
You will now find our eBooks and digital presentations content on the Kitaboo reader.
If you have not already done so, login to the Kitaboo reader at
https://read.kitaboo.com/reader/V5/#!/ using your Campion Reader email address as your username.
If you are doing this for the first time, use the “forgot password” function to reset your password.
Check out the titles available by tapping the link below.

Why Go Digital?
Because you asked for it –  so we’ve produced it!
Our customers have asked for digital access to our resources. We know it’s important, because:

– We are reducing our impact on the planet – no paper, plastic, USBs or CDs.
– Teachers need easy-to-use content available instantly on their preferred device. No more lugging multiple resources around!
– You can access it anytime, anywhere on your device. Classroom, staffroom, meeting, home – you’ve got it with you!

Have the products changed?
No. Our MRC Reader products contain the same fabulous lessons, audio and support materials as the originals: just digital.