Welcome to Music Room Connect!

Bushfire Press’ new app, Music Room Connect Reader (MRC Reader), is now available.

MR-Connect is free to download and can be used on PCs, Macs, Android Tablets and iPads.

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Why Go Digital?
Because you asked for it –  so we’ve produced it!
Our customers have asked for digital access to our resources. We know it’s important, because:

– We are reducing our impact on the planet – no paper, plastic, USBs or CDs.
– Teachers need easy-to-use content available instantly on their preferred device. No more lugging multiple resources around!
– You can access it anytime, anywhere on your device. Classroom, staffroom, meeting, home – you’ve got it with you!

Have the products changed?
No. Our MRC Reader products contain the same fabulous lessons, audio and support materials as the originals: just digital.

MRC Reader Support

Access ‘how to’ instructions and technical support for the app and resources.

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Resources available through the MRC Reader