Work continues on our Sea Shanties unit. Kev and Tamara and the Lost Quays are close to putting the final touches to the unit.

In the meantime, The Albany International Folk’n Shanty Festival is happening in venues around Albany, WA
between 9 and 11th July.

Our friends at ABC Radio National Music Show have put together a fascinating program well worth listening to – Sea shanties and whalesong – the music of the ocean

… and more about the Lost Quays, the Wellerman and the Music Room Sea Shanty unit from an earlier post below.

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The Lost Quays

The Wellerman is coming to Music Room.

The boys are working with us to add a Sea Shanties unit to Music Room 6 – a unit that will also be available as a standalone.
The unit will be heavily inspired by the Orff Approach – our resident Orff Practitioner Tamara O’Brien along with Music Room’s own Kevin O’Mara is working with the Lost Quays to bring this unit to you.

These will be among the most exciting Orff inspired lessons in the history of Seafaring!
Check the bottom of this article for a special offer on Music Room 6 and a lttle more about its music genre units.

We have teamed up with the Lost Quays, a Fremantle based shanty group to bring you a version of “The Wellerman” – as well as other sea shanties and somgs – in keys you can work with your students.

Don’t know “The Wellerman”
What’s TikTok all about?
We’ll bet your students know.

From the Guardian ….
The true story behind the viral TikTok sea shanty hit
Rediscovered song, which has a ‘cheerful energy’, was likely written by a teenage sailor or shore whaler in New Zealand in the 1830s
Nathan Evans, a 26-year-old postman and aspiring musician from outside Glasgow,
is credited with having started the “ShantyTok” trend with his rousing rendition of Wellerman,
posted on TikTok in in late December (2020).
Read more and find more links here.

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Music Room Level 6

Music Room Level 6 explores 7 different music genres – with an eight soon to be added – Sea songs and shanties.

  • Reggae Rhythms
  • Celtic Heartbeat
  • Pacific Harmonies
  • Latin Grooves
  • Blues Changes
  • Jazz Colours
  • Gospel Voices
  • + Sea Shanties (available in late 2021)

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