A Music Theory book by Deana Dodds.

This book is an ideal follow on to Beginner Book A. Also suitable as a first theory book for older children.

Beginner Book B, the follow on to Beginner Book A, covers:

  • Treble clef perspective, English terminology
  • Middle C to F on the 5th line
  • Counting in simple time including quavers & dotted notes
  • Suitable for beginners on ANY treble clef instrument.
Detailed description

The Purpose of this Book

The activities in this book are designed to complement the teaching of the early stages of music learning. The book provides students with a written explanation of the basic concepts of music notation to reinforce what is being taught in practical classes. The activities are designed to be engaging for the younger learner, so that children will be eager to undertake the theory work that will enhance their practical learning.

Activities and Small Group Teaching

Many of these activities are able to be completed with little assistance – allowing the teacher to hear the playing of small groups or individuals while the class is consolidating its knowledge of basic concepts. In the case of individual lessons, activities can be set as part of the week’s home activities.


The book provides regular assessment pages. You may ask your students to complete these without discussion and without looking at previous work. This will enable you to gauge fully what has been totally understood by the students.

A tick or similar mark on the assessment guide (at the bottom of the assessment pages) will encourage the students to continue their pursuit of accuracy.

Cool Cats Theory

This book is the second in a series of Cool Cats Theory books. It follows directly from Music Theory for Cool Cats Beginner Book A or can be used as an entry point for older students who are taking instrumental lessons on any treble clef instrument.

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