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We are proud to announce the arrival of our Music Room Alive series – where we do the teaching for you.

  • Little or no preparation
  • You can learn with your students
  • Perfect for the general classroom teacher – or to take the pressure off the music specialist

We use a powerpoint-style format with embedded video to teach your students directly. All you have to do is join in.
Check out the video of the intro to the first lesson below.

We are in the process of adapting all Music Room levels. Music Room Level 2 (suitable for years 1-3) is the first we have ready with Amana Temple doing a brilliant job of leading your class through a whole year’s music program. We have pre-released Unit 1 and we are making it available to you FREE OF CHARGE until the end of April next year (2023). The full title (Units 1-4) should be available by October this year.

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We are also releasing Singing and Dancing resources aligning with our Music Room Alive concept

Shanties - Music Room AliveMusic Room Alive – Sea Shanties
These lessons start with the now famous “Wellerman”.
Suitable for middle and upper primary levels (years 4-7).
Informed by the Orff Approach, the lessons cover song, melody, beat and rhythm, movement, call and response, tuned and untuned instruments and ukulele as well as performance.

Our Orff practitioner, Tamara O’Brien, presents the lessons to your class. All you need to do is prepare your classroom and join in with your students. Audio, video and scores are all included.

The companion Music Room Sea Shanties Teacher Book gives you all the background you need, is in eBook format and is included with this title.

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Music Room Alive Urban Dance StylesMusic Room Alive – Urban Dance

This is an instructional presentation in ten lessons teaching the basics of urban dance choreography and Hip Hop influenced movement. The video lessons are taught in a clear and easy-to-follow way – from warm-ups to basic moves, sequencing and cool downs. Learn how to put moves together to create your own dance or create team moves for your dance crew … the 8 count, the “and” count, waves and flows, footwork, turns etc.

Nothing more to do. Learn with your class!
Lesson 1 is currently available FREE OF CHARGETap here to access

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