Special guest: Katie Wardrobe

Katie Wardrobe is a music technology trainer, consultant, blogger and podcaster who is passionate about helping music teachers through her business Midnight Music (www.midnightmusic.com.au). She runs hands-on workshops, presents regularly at conferences in Australia and overseas and she offers online training and support to music teachers all over the world through her music technology professional development online community – the Midnight Music Community. Her workshops and courses focus on incorporating technology into the music curriculum through a range of creative projects. Katie has been Keynote speaker at the Australian Society for Music Education National Conference and the Music Education New Zealand National Conference.

Katie is the author of the keyboard and technology program for middle school students titled Studio Sessions (published by MusicEDU). She is known as an expert in the practical integration of iPads in music education and in 2014 published iPad Projects for the Music Classroom – a collection of step-by-step creative projects for primary and middle-school students. In the Midnight Music Community – an online professional development learning space especially for music teachers using technology – was launched in 2016 and has more than 500 members from around the world. Katie is also the host of the Music Tech Teacher podcast which was launched in early 2017

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Episode Highlights

  • The website, Groove Pizza (online drum sequencer)
  • The app, Flipgrid
  • The app, Wakelet
  • Mozart’s recipe for Liver Dumplings

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Recipe: Leberknodel (Liver Dumplings) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart’s letters preserve many mundane facts about his life, including his daily schedule and love of billiards and fart jokes. We know that Mozart loved his food, particularly liver dumplings with sauerkraut. If you were an Austrian in the Classical and Baroque eras, you were not a light eater. 

The liver dumplings that Wolfgang preferred to eat were the fried liver dumplings, which are still today on the menus of restaurants in Salzburg. These dumplings are not cooked and put in soups, but deep fried in clarified butter and served with sauerkraut.  — Kurt Palm

Leberknodel (Liver Dumplings)

250g beef liver
3 stale rolls
250 ml milk
100g butter
1 small onion
1 egg
salt, pepper
marjoram, parsley
100g bread crumbs

Pour milk over the rolls and work it in. Chop the onion and sauté it in butter. Mix the rolls, finely chopped liver and spices together. Make into a dough. Form the dumplings and fry them in hot vegetable oil and serve with sauerkraut.

* Dough made of bread, the crumbs of bread rolls, or semolina must be allowed to “rest” for a while in order to absorb moisture.


The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.  Mozart

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3 Fantastic Free Apps for Primary Music Teachers

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