New Release
Music Room Slideshow

Companion presentations for Music Room Teacher Books and eMusic Room.

Although Music Room has always given you fully planned lessons, Music Room Slideshow now also gives you your lessons fully prepared. Music Room Slideshow is like the Powerpoint presentation you used to have to spend hours putting together. All done for you! All you have to do is have the required classroom instruments ready.

Currently available for Music Room Levels 1 and 2

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Here is a video sample of Music Room Slideshow Level 1 Unit 1 Lesson 1.
The actual resource is a set of slides similar to a Powerpoint presentation.

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The team at Music Room published by Bushfire Press is proud to announce a new collaboration with Campion Education. Campion Education is an Australian family-owned business and the largest supplier of education resources including print, digital and stationery resources to secondary schools in Australia.

Music Room is the premier Australian music and performing arts resource publisher for Australian primary schools. Music Room will be making its digital resources available through the Campion digital platforms progressively over the next few months.

This exciting development will bring a new and improved reading and presentation experience for teachers and students alike.