Cheryl is a primary and secondary school classroom teacher, having held specialist primary classroom roles in Music and Visual Art.

She has authored many resources for Music Room and Bushfire Press and has run many Music Room training sessions in Australia and South East Asia.

Since 2014 Cheryl has presented music technology workshops for individual schools in South Australia, EdTechSA, national music conferences and with Music EdNet on their DAYTiME conference circuit around Australia and New Zealand.

In 2016 Cheryl was inducted as a Music EDnet Mentor, recognised across Australia and New Zealand as an outstanding practicing primary education music teacher utilising technology in a range of creative and effective ways in the classroom. She is also an Apple Teacher, Book Creator & Makey Makey Ambassador

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Cheryl’s Music Room Tech and Virtual PDMusic Room Tech

With the introduction of iPads and coding into schools Cheryl has written a series called Music Room Tech: Technology projects for the music classroom, incorporating the pedagogies of inquiry, STEAM, and Project Based Learning through units of work using music specific and general iPad apps, computer software and coding.

Cheryl’s Choice Boards – 3 LevelsMusic Room Choice Boards

The Music Room Choice Board series has been written to help the delivery of music activities in the classroom AND in the home, initially for the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath, but also to help with home schooling and out-of-school music activities.

This resource is PERFECT for use by teachers who need to supervise students in their classrooms and at home – at the same time.

How does the resource work?

  • The Resource is a PowerPoint file with the embedded audio tracks
  • The embedded tracks are also provided separately if you wish to delete them from the PowerPoint
  • The Powerpoint file is completely editable, you as the teacher can edit and change to deliver to suit your needs
  • The activities are graduated from easy to more challenging as your student travels along the choice board
  • There are additional instructions in the notes section of each slide
  • The pages are sized to A4 for easy printing to draw/write for the activities provided.

Cheryl’s Board, Card and Dice Games Music Room Games Group Image

For music stations and substitute teachers

Each of the games found in this resource is intended for students to practise music vocabulary, theory and knowledge in an easy and fun way. These can be used as part of your lesson, in music stations, for early finishers and are easy activities to set for relief teachers.

Most of the games are modified from games commonly played by students in school and at home.

Depending on the game it can be played in, pairs, small groups, large groups or as a whole class.

Each game has an information card with the following indicated:

  • Year level/s
  • Game instructions
  • Resources needed

Most game pages have been created with the flexibility to be printed A5, A4 or A3.

We’re Orff!We're Orff covers levels 1,2,3

‘We’re Orff’ is a fantastic program that trains you while you teach. The accompanying videos not only show how to teach the program – but also explain the philosophy & methodology of Orff (AND provide great teaching and class management tips and techniques).

Each level includes a year’s lessons, in 5 units, and is fully resourced: lesson plans, videos, audio, scores and charts.

eMusic Room 1-7Category eMusic Room

Music Room is a comprehensive classroom music program.
Written by Fairbairn-Leehy-O’Mara for teachers of students in elementary schools. (ages 5-14)

These are the digital versions of the popular Music Room Teacher Books readable on iPad, Mac, PC and Android and Windows tablets and with all AV material embedded.

Each title includes all the material required to teach a full year’s music program.
Each title includes 30 fully planned lessons, end of year performance pieces, audio demo and backing tracks and demo videos.

Music Room Alive

Music Room Alive Level 1 Cover

Music Room Alive – where we do the teaching for you.

  • Little or no preparation
  • Perfect to take the pressure off the music specialist – or for the general classroom teacher
  • The easiest thing to leave for substitute teachers
  • Brilliant for Home Schoolers

We use a powerpoint-style format with embedded video to teach your students directly. All you have to do is join in.
Check out the video of the intro to the first lesson below.

Both Music Room levels 1 and 2 available for purchase, as well as Urban Dance Level 1 and Sea Shanties a unit for Upper Elementary.