Music Room Choice Boards


The Music Room Choice Board series has been written to help the delivery of music activities in the classroom AND in the home, initially for the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath, but also to help with home schooling and out-of-school music activities.

This resource is PERFECT for use by teachers who need to supervise students in their classrooms and at home – at the same time.

As teachers ourselves, we understand the difficulties you, as a teacher or parent, are working with and we have made the Music Room Choice Board series available to you at whatever price you can afford to pay (starting at $1) for the duration of the crisis.

There are three levels available now.

How does the resource work?

  • The Resource is a PowerPoint file with the embedded audio tracks
  • The embedded tracks are also provided separately if you wish to delete them from the PowerPoint
  • The Powerpoint file is completely editable, you as the teacher can edit and change to deliver to suit your needs
  • The activities are graduated from easy to more challenging as your student travels along the choice board
  • There are additional instructions in the notes section of each slide
  • The pages are sized to A4 for easy printing to draw/write for the activities provided.