Bushfire Press is committed to Keeping the Music Going and had launched a program to help develop classroom music education in Australia. We will be working with experienced music specialists and with general classroom teachers alike to build expertise, confidence and excellence and to provide high quality developmental learning resources fully compliant with Australian Curriculum Standards. Our workshops begin in October in Melbourne and Sydney and will be available in other states in 2020.

Friday, Saturday 25th and 26th October 2019

Friday, Saturday 1st and 2nd November 2019

Due to unforeseen circumstances at Cheryl’s school, we have had to postpone these workshops to first term 2020.

Please register your interest by contacting us at

Apologies to those who were planning for October/November.



Cheryl Burgemeister
Music Room expert
and Bushfire Press author.
Practising Specialist Music Teacher.
Tamara O’Brien
Orff Practitioner
and author of the We’re Orff Series.
Practising Specialist Music Teacher.
Sue Crock
Brené Brown Dare to Lead certified trainer.
Social Worker and Educator.
Who should attend?

  1. Primary Music Specialist Teachers.
  2. General primary classroom teachers with experience teaching music.

Music specialists are encouraged to bring along a general primary classroom teacher colleague
at a reduced fee to help build confidence in teaching music to their classes.

We plan to present workshops for non-music specialists in 2020.

What is being covered?

  • Unpacking Music Room to make the most of the resource.
  • Curriculum planning, assessment and mapping the Australian curriculum.
  • Using Music Room to develop creativity in your students using song-writing as a model.
  • Building confidence in your students using puppets and props.
  • Getting organised and staying organised in the Music room – sharing tips and tricks.
  • Advocacy – communicating the benefits of music education.
  • Using technology with Music Room.

Is lunch included?
YES – lunch on Friday and brunch on Saturday.

To find out more or pre-register, email us at steve@bushfirepress.email

Bonus Session – Introduction to Brené Brown’s Daring Classrooms.

Brené Brown calls herself a researcher and a storyteller. She is a research professor at the University of Houston specialising in courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy.
Her most recent book, Dare to Lead, is the culmination of a seven-year study on the future of leadership.

Brené has made a comprehensive range of resources available to all schools in her program, Daring Classrooms.

Sue Crock is a certified Dare to Lead trainer with experience delivering the program to government, industry and social service providers. She will introduce you to Daring Classrooms and workshop ways for you to provide spaces to “allow students to breathe, be curious and explore”.