Our Musicals are hugely popular, performed across the world by thousands of schools! Once you’ve chosen a show, we understand you may have a few questions about how it all works. Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive.

Remember: do not hesitate to get in touch if you need clarification or advice!

What comes with the Hire Kit?

What You Get
Musicals come in a Production Hire Kit comprising:

  • MasterBook including director’s script, production notes, photocopiable lyrics, piano and/or vocal score
  • Double CD of vocal demos, backing tracks and FX (sound effects) in running order
  • Photocopiable student script
  • Performance application and filming application forms

What is the performance license application?

The performance license application lets us know when and where you intend to perform our show, and how many times. This becomes part of our records for copyright purposes, and gives us an idea of the minimum royalty payments our authors can expect.

Please send it back to us as soon as you set your performance date and venue!

What are royalties and why do we have to pay them?

Performance royalties are how the writers get paid for their work! Bushfire Press charges – on behalf of the authors – a performance royalty of 12% of gross takings (ticket sales), with a minimum of $150 per performance. Royalties are payable for ALL performances, including matinees, whether ticket charges are made or not.

If you are not charging for tickets, you’ll need to pay the minimum rate of $150 per performance.

If you are charging for tickets, use the paperwork provided to let us know your gross takings (ie. how much you made from ticket sales), and we’ll send you an invoice for 12% of your takings. The minimum amount per performance is always $150.

Once your performance/s are finished:

1 Return paperwork and inform Bushfire Press of royalty amount payable
2 Bushfire Press will issue a tax invoice with GST
3 Payment is made by school/organisation within 14 days.

We want to change/add/remove something from the show. Can we?

All changes to the script or to songs must be approved by the publisher. We will do our best to be accommodating within reason! Get in touch if you have any changes you’d like to make.

Can I photocopy any parts of the kit?

Absolutely! You are welcome to make multiple copies of the student script, so that all children with a speaking part have their own script to practice with. The master book contains lyrics for all the songs, and these are also photocopiable. We ask that you destroy all photocopies once your show has been performed.

What do I need to do after we've performed the show?

Two important things: organise royalty payments and return the hire kit. You received some paperwork about royalties with the production hire kit, so you can fill this in and return it along with the master book and CDs. If you’re unsure of how to complete the forms, get in touch and we can help.

We love feedback, so please pass on any questions, concerns or praise from your school community.

Can we film the show and sell copies to students and their families?

Yes! However, prior permission is required for filming, video or audio taping and additional royalties will apply. Please get in touch with us well before your performance date, and we will send you the paperwork.

We know you’ll love our shows, as will your school community!

All our musicals are protected by Australian Copyright Act.
Unauthorised copying (including photocopying), selling, lending or performance will result in prosecution.
Books and CDs remain the property of Bushfire Press, and must be returned with royalty payments.