An Orff approach to drumming by Christoph Maubach and Star Sherret

Suitable for middle to upper primary students.

Great for Djembe, Conga, Bongo, Tubano or any Hand Drum!

This engaging step-by-step music journey takes children and teachers on a hands-on drumming tour of Africa . The resource includes:

  • Book of instructions and illustrations.
  • 5 classroom-drumming pieces in the African style, each including 3 different rhythms
  • 5 chants/songs in the African style
  • Simple, clear and sequential lesson developments
  • Bonus speech rhythm and percussion games
  • Video step-by-step drumming lessons
  • Audio examples of songs

Each drum piece is taught from videos using a sequential approach, beginning with rhythmical speech, moving to body percussion and leading to drums or percussion: say > body > play.

More information and product samples available here