Over 60 minutes of accredited professional development for teachers presented by Tamara O’Brien

Suitable for music teachers looking for engaging ways to include puppets and props in their program.

Nothing captures a child’s attention and imagination quite like a puppet!

This workshop will give you loads of tips, tricks, songs and games to use with puppets and small props. Build confidence in your students and encourage their creativity with body and voice. Join Tamara O’Brien, author of the internationally acclaimed We’re Orff! program (and international music education presenter) on a close encounter of the puppet kind!

All the resources included in this product are downloadable from this site.

When you purchase and subsequently complete this Professional Development activity, we’ll provide you with a certificate of accreditation! More information available here

Detailed description

Puppets and props are excellent tools for the music room. They can be used to introduce many aspects of music making to young children, such as:

  • exploring imitation and improvisation in movement
  • exploring pitch, timbre and improvisation with the voice
  • Puppets and props also offer instant opportunities for inclusion

Most of all, they are fun and engaging to work with and will excite all children in your class.

This Virtual PD is supported by a download pack which includes:

  • National Professional Standards for Teachers
  • Australian Curriculum outcomes tracking
  • AUSVELS outcomes tracking
  • Musical elements checklist
  • Musical elements tracking
  • PYP outcomes tracking

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