90 minutes of accredited professional development for teachers presented by Dr Ros McMillan.

Suitable for early primary teachers who are looking to include authentic music experiences in their teaching program.

Ros McMillan is the author of well known resource ‘Music Time’, and an acclaimed international presenter. Join her as she shows us that everything can be turned into a musical experience! No experience is required for this journey and all instructions, charts, music and audio are provided.

This product is available to purchase on USB drive. When you purchase and subsequently complete this Professional Development activity, we’ll provide you with a certificate of accreditation! More information available here

Detailed description

2 units for level 1 and level 2 students.

  • All Kinds of Weather (L1 – first year of school)
  • Bicycles and Boats (L2 – grades 1 and 2)

This Virtual PD is supported by a download pack which includes:

  • National Professional Standards for Teachers
  • Australian Curriculum outcomes tracking
  • AUSVELS outcomes tracking
  • Musical elements checklist
  • Musical elements tracking
  • PYP outcomes tracking

Support Material download pack – Everything is Music PD

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