A music coding unit of work presented by Cheryl Burgemeister.

Suitable for use with students in middle primary to lower secondary school.

Here’s an easy easy way to use coding in your music class – using the Hopscotch app!

This 4-6 week unit of work contains:

  • lesson plans
  • tep-by-step instructions
  • charts
  • scores
  • proformas
  • worksheets
  • Australian curriculum links

By the end of the journey, your students will be able to:

  • create & play virtual instruments
  • assign sounds to abstract images
  • code instruments
  • arrange a simple composition
  • play together in a virtual band

When you purchase and subsequently complete this Professional Development activity, we’ll provide you with a certificate of accreditation! More information available here

Detailed description
Product samples

Hopscotch is a coding app designed for students to learn to code by creating their own games. It uses a simple jigsaw puzzle method of dragging blocks of code into the window to create an instruction. It has multiple coding fundamentals including conditionals, variables, loops and many more!

Learn more about Hopscotch, and find examples of student projects, here