A rock odyssey by Bartlett-Fairbairn-Leehy-O’Mara.
Duration: 70 minutes. 26 principals. Provision for choruses of sailors, dock workers, mer-folk, sea devils, pirates and roc birds.

Written to suit performers from middle primary to early secondary.

Sail the seven seas with young Harold Sindbad, meeting pirates, mer-people, sultans, Roc Birds and ending up on the Fabulous Treasure Island, where dreams come true and everyone gets what they want on Neptune’s Wonderful Wheel of Fortune. Boisterous, up-lifting and positive—FABULOUS SONGS! Our most popular show.

Detailed description


The story begins as Morgana, the gypsy, gathers a group of pirates around her crystal ball – she has just had an important news ash! As the images come into focus for her, we see, on the other side of the stage, what is happening …

It is turn-of-the century London Town and young Harold Sindbad and his Dad, Albert, have returned home after a long day’s scrounging. Harold is the seventh son of the seventh son of the legendary Sind- bad. However, the fabled lost treasure failed to be found and the Sindbads have been reduced to ‘Rag’n Bone’ men – junk collectors. Old Albert is tired and feeling a failure to his son. But Harold loves his Dad and is an eternal optimist (‘Something will turn up!)’. While making a cup of cocoa, the lost map to the Sindbad treasure falls out of the cocoa tin! He takes the map and heads for glory. When Albert realises this, he sets off after Harold.

All this has been seen via crystal ball by the pirates, who have the same objective in mind. The race is on!

Down at Dodgy Docks, the Silly Sailors do a hornpipe and Harold is conned into taking a row-boat with cockney spiv, Sydney Grummett, who knows the value of the map young Harold has in his possession. Albert arrives at the dock too late but manages to find the last row-boat. Meanwhile, at sea, a storm blows up and Harold and Sydney are overcome by the Sea Devils and lost at sea … to be saved in the nick of time by the Mer People.

The pirates keep track of Harold through the crystal ball.

We are suddenly on Vegas Island, a small place populated by a would-be Elvis impersonator, Zoltan, the Sultan of Soul and his all-girl backing group, the Sultanas. The girls are sick of waiting for the big break to come and when Albert washes up, shipwrecked, on the island, they think he is a talent scout. When Zoltan hears who he really is, and who his son is, and where his son is going … he immediately offers the use of his yacht and his nautical expertise. While he is changing into his Captain’s out t the pirates arrive. They have a faster ship and do a deal with Albert. Soon, Albert, the pirates and the Sultanas are on their way, leaving Zoltan behind.

Harold and Sid wake up on the sands of the Blue Lagoon, home of the peaceful, tai chi loving Mer People, guardians of lost travellers. They tell Harold and Sid that they will need aerial transport to get where they are going. So they summon the legendary Roc Birds, who, led by Tina D’Actil, Nutbush their way up and off the island, carrying Harold and Sid with them. Zoltan arrives on the island, too late.

We are now on the fabulous Treasure Island, where everyone finds their treasure. A crazy bunch of sea creatures are there, presided over by King Neptune. They while away their time telling jokes and watching old television comedies. Life is one long laugh and riddle-fest. Neptune looks at his hourglass and announces that it is time for the contestants to arrive. One by one the various groups enter, puzzled. The pirates, the Sultanas and Albert, Harold and Syd, even Zoltan. Neptune announces that they have all arrived at their destination, all reached their destiny … and will all receive a prize. And Stella the Star Fish rolls in a Wheel of fortune and they all take their spin. Zoltan and the Sultanas win roles in a Disney movie, Harold wins an old suitcase that, on closer inspection, contains 11 secret herbs and spices. And crafty Sid manages to find a rusty old lamp (once belonging to Aladdin). All seems to have ended well … except, how will Harold and Sid get home? A ship’s horn blast brings the arrival of the Silly Sailor’s from Dodgy Docks – transport! Something always turns up for Harold!

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