A pageant-style musical by Bartlett-Leehy-O’Mara.
Duration: 60 minutes. Flexible cast and chorus.

Written to suit performers from middle primary to early secondary.

A fun-filled journey from Bethlehem to Bondi that takes the audience through the traditions of Christmas from the Nativity to an Aussie beach celebration! 15 known Carols in SINGABLE keys, + skits & sketches. This flexible show will work for a single class or the whole school.

Detailed description


Part 1: Bethlehem, 2000 years ago – the birth of Christ

The first half of the pageant is the story of the Nativity – the birth of Jesus. It is told in a series of sketches and known carols. The sketches are designed to be short and simple – and to tell the story in a friendly and entertaining way, with glimpses (sometimes humorous) into the characters who feature in the story.

Part 2: Christmas traditions around the world
The second half of the pageant looks at the Christmas traditions that grew up around the world – again through short sketches and known Christmas songs and carols.

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