A rock comedy by Bartlett-Fairbairn-Leehy-O’Mara.
Duration: 60 minutes. 12 Principals. Provisions for choruses of schoolkids of various ages, teachers. 1 or 2 basic sets.

Written to suit performers from middle primary to early secondary.

Nigel, a mild-mannered schoolboy suddenly gains superhero powers and becomes Captain Vegemite, and, with his faithful companion Robin, the Wholemeal Kid, outsmarts the school bullies and brings peace to the playground. A positive and affirming musical that addresses bullying in an hilarious comic-book spoof!

Detailed description


NIGEL PUPKISS is a bookish sort of schoolkid. He is mocked in the classroom by his CLASSMATES but has a loyal friend in ROBIN. For NIGEL, the worst aspect of this humiliation is the participation of LOUISE, object of his affection.

One day in the school playground, as the PREPS are playing, the SCHOOL BULLIES (BULL, SNOT, WEASEL and SCABS) appear and take what bounty they can (playlunch and dolls). BULL is the leader of this not very bright gang and he is constantly cheating them out of their ill-gotten gains. When NIGEL and ROBIN appear on the scene, BULL attempts further extortion but NIGEL accidentally, through some strange strength, defeats him. The BULLIES evacuate and ROBIN tries to help NIGEL work out where his strange power has come from. It seems to be from a combination of ‘Granny Brown’ apples (a species found only in NIGEL’s backyard) and his vegemite sandwiches. Suddenly NIGEL realises he not only has super-strength, he has super-hearing, too. He can even hear inside the school walls, where a staff meeting is in progress.

The emergency staff meeting has been called by school principal HORACE HUNSLEY, and the only item on the agenda is the problem of the SCHOOL BULLIES. NIGEL knows what he must do, he must use his new-found super-powers to help the school in its time of need.

Next day, the BULLIES once again begin to stand over the PREPS. But they are thwarted by the arrival of caped and masked super-hero CAPTAIN VEGEMITE (NIGEL) and the WHOLMEAL KID (ROBIN). With his super-powers, CAPTAIN VEGEMITE blows the BULLIES out of the playground. LOUISE witnesses the event but fails to be impressed.

The result of this routing of the BULLIES is the return of peace and happiness at the school. Nobody cares about the BULLIES and the gang is demoralised. Even the PREPS are no longer afraid of them.

However, none of this has brought happiness to NIGEL, who wishes only for the returned attention of LOUISE. He confides this to ROBIN, unaware that BULL is lurking in the playground, overhearing the conversation. And NIGEL reveals something else to ROBIN: he has discovered a weakness that affects his super-powers. His Mum has made a batch of vanilla slices and they counteract the effect of the vegemite and granny browns. If anyone were to find out …

Later that day, NIGEL is lured to the playground by a letter, supposedly written to him by LOUSE. It is a trap and he finds himself alone, confronted by the BULLIES, who are armed with vanilla slices . NIGEL is overcome and when ROBIN arrives on the scene it looks like they are both doomed. But, suddenly, the PREPS arrive, dressed in super-hero capes. They attack the BULLIES with their dolls and the BULLIES are humiliated and mortified. They leave the school, vowing to never return. NIGEL tries to explain that there is no more CAPTAIN VEGEMITE but the PREPS exclaim that the Captain’s courage and example lives on in all the kids … they have all become … Superkids.

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