A user friendly rock musical by Bartlett-Fairbairn-Leehy-O’Mara.
Duration: 60 minutes. 11 principals. Provision for choruses of space creatures, space pirates and more. 1 or 2 basic sets.

Written to suit performers from middle primary to early secondary.

Meet your average futuristic space family and their annoying son, Cumulo Nimbus, who wags school and ends up in the BLACK HOLE with the Space Pirates, a crazy professor and his rejuvenating bubble gum. Great songs! One of our most popular shows.

Detailed description


Somewhere, some time, way in the future, the NIMBUS FAMILY (STRATO NIMBUS, MAMATUS NIMBUS, SWEETUS NIMBUS and CUMULO NIMBUS) live a futuristic life with their gadgets and their ROBOTS.

On hearing that he is expected to take his sister to the disco for her birthday, CUMULO rebels and takes off in his spacecraft – wagging school.

He becomes lost and ends up in the Black Hole (the destination of all lost objects). Here he meets PROFESSOR HELMUT VON AARDVAARK. The professor has been kidnapped by the SPACE PIRATES (ANDROMEDA, CRABFACE AND HORSEHEAD) and held captive in the Black Hole. The PIRATES are runaway kids who remain permanently young, wagging school, with the aid of their ‘rejuvenation gum’. But their supply of gum is running out and they need the PROFESSOR to make up a new batch for them.

Also wandering into the Black Hole come ARTHUR HALLEY, a dodgy used spaceship salesman and his furry sidekick CHEWGUM. They have stolen Dr Who’s Tardis and it deposits them in the Black Hole and then disappears.

The PIRATES discover CUMULO and hold him as hostage, threatening to make him walk the plank in 24 hours unless the PROFESSOR comes good with the gum

Meanwhile ARTHUR and CHEWY meet the PROFESSOR and discover that he has his own space craft (a tricycle). However, it cannot be used without its Temporal Shift Generator, which the PIRATES have. ARTHUR decides to make a deal with the pirates and exits with a batch of experimental, but faulty, Rejuvenation Gum. However, he drops it on the way …

In the ensuing mayhem, both ARTHUR AND CUMULO find themselves tied up in the PIRATES’ lair, facing big trouble. But CHEWY finds the gum and gives it to the PIRATES just in time. However – the Rejuvenation Gum is a faulty, experimental batch and is a little too effective … turning the pirates into babies. CHEWY releases ARTHUR and CUMULO, takes the Temporal Shift Generator and they hi-tail it back to the PROFESSOR.

At this point, the Tardis arrives with the NIMBUS FAMILY. CUMULO is happy to see them, happy to take his sister to the disco and happy to be leaving the Black Hole. All head to the Intergalactic Disco for a Space Boogie.

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