A musical fantasy by Bartlett-Black-Leehy-O’Mara.
Duration: 65 minutes. 12 principals. Provisions for choruses of peasants, courtiers, henchmen. 1 or 2 basic sets.

Written to suit performers from middle primary to early secondary.

With the power of the HEARTSTONE, and the help of Zardok, last of the Great Wizards, young Anna faces her greatest fear…in a strange kingdom…in another time. Excellent for strong leads. Stunning songs, blending rock and medieval music.

Detailed description


When young ANNA’s parents are killed in an accident she goes to live with her NANNA. She is afraid of the dark and has little belief in herself. Looking through her parents’ trunk in the attic she comes across a curious stone. It puts her into a trance …
Meanwhile, in the faraway and long-ago Kingdom of Begonia, things are not good. The Kingdom is being threatened by a dragon and KING RUPERT, against QUEEN DAPHNE’s better judgement, has brought back from exile his evil brother SIR BASIL, believing that he can help. The King is preoccupied with his gardening and leaves the matter to BASIL, who routinely takes PEASANTS away to fight the dragon. On this occasion, his henchmen THRIP and SCALE take the peasant PETE MOSS.
Enter the last of the Great Wizards, ZARDOK, who has had a dream that their saviour is at hand. When ANNA appears, he addresses her as ANNALISA, bearer of the Heartstone (the stone she found in her parents’ trunk). He takes the Stone for safe keeping (promising to return it when the time is right) and leads her away.
Meanwhile, BASIL’s henchmen, THRIP and SCALE have been listening. They hasten to BASIL’s dungeon to tell him the news. BASIL is happy – his plan is working. The dragon has been a ruse to lure the bearer of the Heartstone, the Dragon Girl. With the Stone in his possession, he will have ultimate power.
Zardok reveals to the King that the Dragon is under a spell – cast by BASIL, but that help has arrived, in the form of the Bearer of the Stone. The King sends two peasants, BRAMBLE and COOCH, with her to slay the dragon.
In the Dark Woods, ANNA becomes frightened as BRAMBLE and COOCH sleep, but the apparitions of ZARDOK and NANNA reassure her and inspire her with confidence. She wakes her comrades and they head off … but BRAMBLE is taken by the Living Trees.
When they reach the Dragon’s Cave, they find that all the taken peasants (including PETE) are in there – no- one has been eaten at all – and the dragon is indeed under a spell. Annalisa tricks the DRAGON into looking into her Stone … and breaks the spell.
As she releases the imprisoned PEASANTS… who arrives on the scene but SIR BASIL and his henchmen THRIP and SCALE. ANNA tries to hypnotise him with the Stone, but BASIL has his henchmen turn mirrors on her, directing the power of the Stone onto her and putting her to sleep. BASIL now has the Stone.
Just then, ZARDOK arrives, revealing that, as promised, the real Stone is still with him and now, the time being right, shall be returned to her. With the real Stone, ANNA banishes BASIL forever.
All (including the now friendly dragon) return to Begonia in triumph. The King invites her to stay and help in the Kingdom, but ZARDOK explains that it is now time for her to return to her time and to follow her dreams.

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