or Where the Heck is Carmen San Fransisco?
A joke and dagger musical by Bartlett-Fairbairn-Leehy-O’Mara.
Duration: 70 minutes. 19 principals. Provisions for choruses of crowds, Chinese dancers, French legionnaires and more.

Written to suit performers from middle primary to early secondary.

The Heads of Government (HOGS) are worried. They have only 7 days to locate Carmen’s rocket, or she’ll launch a satellite to control the world’s video games so that the BADDIES always win.

Time to send in the world’s last hope – the DANGER KIDS!

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In a secret crisis meeting at a cinema, the heavily-disguised Heads of Government (HOGS) are discussing the problem of CARMEN SANFRANCISCO, the evil scientist and master game-player who is preparing to launch a rocket in 48 hours. Her rocket contains a satellite that will control the world’s video games … so that only the baddies ever win. All the usual secret agents have failed. It is time to send in … the DANGER KIDS

In their cubby hideout are the Dangerkids (CODY the the brains, BUTLER, the organiser, GIZMO the inventor and GAUCHO the bumbling detective). No sooner have they received their mission from the HOGS than they get a mysterious message on their computer. It is a cryptic clue from none other than CARMEN. She is playing her own game with them. The Clue sends the DANGERKIDS to the Sahara. They don their ‘tracking bracelets’ and hit the Dangermobiles (BMX bikes or scooters).

CARMEN and her assistant, CLUEDO, have been hiding and watching. They are always around, disguised, to watch the fun as the DANGERKIDS race to save the world.

In the Sahara, the KIDS meet the RUNAWAY LEGIONAIRES and get their next clue … sending them to … Switzerland.

Meanwhile, the disguised HOGS are having a very tricky secret meeting on a roller coaster. There are now only 36 hours left.

In the Swiss Alps the KIDS come across the VON SHUT-YOUR-TRAPP FAMILY SINGERS, who introduce them to the delights of yodelling. They also run into MAXWELL SMARTYPANTS and his assistant 98.6. They have also been on the trail of CARMEN SANFRANCISCO.
The next clue is discovered and, in the excitement, MAX and the DANGERKIDS head off in different directions and GAUCHO gets lost.

Meanwhile, disguised at a football match, the HOGS become concerned. There are now only 24 hours left. A disguised CARMEN slips them a fake message, allegedly from the DANGERKIDS. They head off to Gibralta.

The KIDS and MAX & 98.6 all end up in a Chinese restaurant, where the Dance of the New Moon is being performed. But, divided by screens, they do not see each other. GAUCHO arrives and finds MAX & 98.6. While checking the tracking bracelets, looking for GAUCHO, CODY notices 4 blips on the screen – the HOGS! They could be heading into a trap! The KIDS split. Meanwhile, GAUCHO gets a clue in a fortune cookie and he and MAX & 98.6 head to Gibralta.

Meanwhile, the HOGS are on board the HMS BRITANNIA, squabbling over the deckchairs.

CARMEN and CLUEDO are holed up in Mystery Manor, on the Rock of Gibralta. Their rocket is hidden but ready. They await the arrival of their ‘guests’, looking forward to winning the game. First to arrive are the HOGS. CARMEN makes them sit – to witness her triumph. The DANGERKIDS arrive, but cannot find the rocket. Then GAUCHO arrives with MAX and 98.6. An old grandfather clock chimes down the last, remaining seconds when GAUCHO puts the clues together, turns the clock around and reveals … the rocket! GIZMO disables it just in time (with a karate chop).

CARMEN and CLUEDO escape, but the world is once again safe … thanks to the DANGERKIDS.


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