A singing teaching resource by Jeff Mead and Kevin O’Mara.

Suitable for use with students in middle and upper primary.

Start Singing with the Cool Cats Kids is designed to be a useful resource for any choral application, from classroom singing to choirs. It contains sections on voice exploration, warm-ups, exercises in breathing, tone, pitch, diction and harmony. Additional sections include troubleshooting, performance ideas, frequently asked questions – and even microphone technique. There is even an easy ‘recipe’ for singing sessions!

Detailed description
  • The sections are arranged in an order for ease of location and use but are not intended to be necessarily used in a sequential way. Use whatever activities, exercises or songs suit your needs, in any order you like.
  • Many of the songs make excellent performance pieces.
  • The audio tracks include vocal demonstrations (particularly useful for harmony) and backing tracks (great for performance).

Product samples