Music Room is a practical, easy to use comprehensive teaching and learning program.

  • Available in digital and print format
  • A fun, easy-to-use music program for both classroom teacher & music specialist.
  • Each level is structured as a full year’s lesson plans: 4 terms with 8 lessons per term.
  • Covers all aspects of the music curriculum:
    • Concept development
    • Responding to the Arts
    • Music in context (Music in time, Music for Dance, Music for Special Occasions, Music that Tells a Story)
    • Theoretical and practical content
    • Also includes concert performance pieces.

Music Room Teacher Books

Music Room started off as a series of 7 teacher books with accompanying CDs and DVDs

Each book gives you a full year’s set of lessons ready planned for you.
The CDs and DVDs have now been replaced by USBs.

These books are the core of the Music Room Program.

They contain fully planned developmental music lessons
with accompanying audio, video, charts and assessment material.
Everything you need except the students, the room and the instruments.

Who are thes books for?

  • General Classroom Teachers
  • Music Specialists

Yes – you can use this program with your class even if you have no music experience at all.
It is all pre-planned for you and all the music you need is on the accompanying audio tracks and videos.
Assessment is easy with tracking material provided for you.

Where can I buy and how much are they?

You can purchase the Music Room print series by tapping here.
Each Book + USB is available for approx. $320 – about $10 for each fully prepared sequential lesson.
What is your time worth?
You may also find some discounted bundles.

These books are also available digitally for use on tablets, laptops and computers.
See below.