A comprehensive classroom music program by Fairbairn-Leehy-O’Mara.

Written for students in their fourth year of primary school.

Continuing to build on skills and concepts covered in Music Room 3, Music Room 4 introduces: ‘Exploring Sound’ (vocal sounds, atmospheric sounds, found sound composition), plus further explorations of context & style and an end-of–year concert. Lyric writing begins in this level.

Music Room Book 4 + eMusic Room provides the full program in a physical book, with all audio visual included in a digital eBook.

This title is also available for iPad through the iBooks store! Click here to find out more information about eMusic Room.

Detailed description

Here is a copy of the contents page for Music Room 4. To see what a lesson looks like, access the free lessons available under the Product Samples menu.

Music Room Book 4 Contents Page

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