Boomwhacker activities for Music Room (books 1-7) by Alison Lunnon.

A companion resource for Music Room, with activities suitable for all levels 1-7.

With Boomwhackers, every student can participate in tuned percussion playing – and become a part of a bigger picture.

Let Alison Lunnon step you through these graded lessons – from beginning to upper primary – with simple and engaging activities, complete with student videos, audio and charts.

Learn how to use boomwhackers to teach beat, rhythm, pitch, harmony, chordal structures, inner hearing, composing and creating … through the principles of Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze.

Boomwhacked! Comes as a download to your Mac or PC – and works in any web browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox. It works like an eBook with all audio tracks and videos embedded into the pages. Plug your computer into a projector or smart whiteboard and all videos, audio tracks and charts are available for immediate use in your classroom.

Detailed description

This resource contains graded lessons from beginning through to upper primary.

It contains 26 lesson plans, charts, audio, video and outcomes.

Product samples

We’ve got a lesson available for you to try: Unit 3, Lesson 8 from Music Room 4 – Junk Music! Click Here