A simple, easy-to-use drama resource by Domm Camenzuli.

A variety of activities suitable for use with students from lower primary to early secondary.

The FINAL 40 Simple Drama Games is the last installment in our drama games series. It is a teacher friendly resource useful for drama specialists, classroom teachers, CRTs, and Music or PE specialists. The games are set out as ‘recipes’- you’ll be able to pick up the book and immediately teach the game with little or no preparation. It includes a mix of old favourites and brand new game ideas!

Detailed description

The Final 40 Simple Drama Games contains full instructions for the following games:

Face Feeling
The ‘Ha’ Jump
Ball Up
Passing Sound
The Name Game
Subtle Differences
Vocal Scene
Lap Sit
A Huge Story
Dress Up
Knee Tiggy
Farmyard Tiggy
Captain’s Treasure
You’re Numbered
Cats and Mouse
Poison Ball
Dodge Ball
What Film?
Music Mime
Mind Images
Isolating Sounds
Sound Replications
Object and Thinking
Coming Together
The Telephone
Keep Going
Story Run On
Sentence Interjection
Sound Effectiveness 2
The Sales Pitch
Electrifying a Scene
Performing a Proverb
Articulating Pets
Level Language
Role Reversal
News Acting
Assertive Advertising
Circle Mirroring
The Instigator

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