A simple, easy-to-use drama resource by Domm Camenzuli.

A variety of activities suitable for use with students from lower primary to early secondary.

40 More Simple Drama Games is the second in our drama games series. It is a teacher friendly resource useful for drama specialists, classroom teachers, CRTs, and Music or PE specialists. The games are set out as ‘recipes’- you’ll be able to pick up the book and immediately teach the game with little or no preparation. It includes a mix of old favourites and brand new game ideas!

Detailed description

40 More Simple Drama Games contains full instructions for the following games:

The Machine
Fruit Salad
The Popgun Game
Pip, Squeak and Wilfred
Energy Ball
Slap Downs
Chair Games
Take Me To Your Leader
Face to Face
The Panto Party
Walk My Way
Puppet and Master
Cats and Alleys
Giving and Receiving
Rhythm Detective
The Winking Murderer
Hot Seat
Trust Exercise
Pass the Story
Duck Duck Goose
Hands and Chairs
Whistle Blower
Guess Who
Do This Do This Do That
Celebrity Heads
The Train Compartment
Death of the Elocutionist
I Love You
Pass it to Me
Make a…?
Two Hats
Monkey See Monkey Say
Silly Sentences
Vigorous Relays
Get Your Act Together
Tennis Ball

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