Composed by PD McCormick and arranged and presented by Leehy, O’Mara and O’Brien.

This resource is suitable for use with children and adults of all ages.

A fabulous current version of the National Anthem – complete with traditional didgeridoo and contemporary electric guitars! Available to purchase as a CD + booklet, shortly available digitally on MR-Connect for iPad and Android, Mac and PC, or via the iBooks store for use on iPad, Mac, iPhone and iPod.

The current version with new lyrics (“one and free”) will be available in digital edition before the 2021 school year begins.
The vocal tracks are being re-recorded and the eBook is being remade.
(We did not get much notice from the Prime Minister – in fact we weren’t even consulted!).
We will need to charge for new versions to cover our costs.
We will be publishing details shortly, here and by email.

The CD + booklet version contains 8 tracks: Both 1 & 2 verse versions in a SINGABLE key, performed by children; Both 1 & 2 verse backing tracks; demos of descant, treble, tuned & untuned percussion & guitar parts; plus demo of full ensemble.
Please Note: CD and booklet have pre-2021 version with words “We are Young and Free”

Assembly & Events Version: designed for use at school assemblies and special events. Includes 2 videos and 2 audio tracks, providing you with the option to use the first or both verses of the anthem. The video provides an image of the Australian Flag with the lyrics for children to follow along with.
Available only on iBooks – MR-Connect version coming soon!

Performance Version: Perfect for use at school events with a school band or ensemble. In addition to the audio tracks, this version includes guitar chords and scores for vocals, recorder, drums and tuned percussion.

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Assembly & Events Version $29.99
Includes video with Australian Flag
and sung audio tracks.

Performance Version $29.99
Includes both sung and backing audio tracks.