We're Orff

Whether the teacher has been trained in Orff Schulwerk or not, the intuitive flow of each lesson sequence is readily understandable, thanks to the extremely clear directions, visual cues, graphics and uncluttered layout provided by the authors. Have fun!
Steven Calantropio – Education Director, The American Orff-Schulwerk Association

We’re Orff is a fantastic program that trains you while you teach. The accompanying videos not only show how to teach the program – but also explain the philosophy & methodology of Orff (AND provide great teaching and class management tips and techniques).

Each level includes a year’s lessons, in 5 units, and is fully resourced: lesson plans, videos, audio, scores and charts.

Your AV and books are like a mini-workshop for me; one that reviews the most important aspect of Orff and that, of course, is its process. Your AV show students working with the material – and that makes all the difference.
Diane Louise Bok, music teacher, Virginia USA


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