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40 More Simple Drama Games Book


Photocopiable teaching resource containing 40 Simple Drama Games by Domm Camenzuli.


A simple, easy-to-use drama resource by Domm Camenzuli.

A variety of activities suitable for use with students from lower primary to early secondary.

40 More Simple Drama Games is the second in our drama games series. It is a teacher friendly resource useful for drama specialists, classroom teachers, CRTs, and Music or PE specialists. The games are set out as ‘recipes’- you’ll be able to pick up the book and immediately teach the game with little or no preparation. It includes a mix of old favourites and brand new game ideas!

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40 More Simple Drama Games

Cats and Alleys / Giving and Receiving, Chair Games / Take Me To Your Leader, Do This, Do This, Do That / Celebrity Heads, Energy Ball / Slap Downs, Expert / Make a …, Face to Face / Injustice, Get Your Act Together / Tennis Ball, Guess Who? / Catalyst, Hands and Chairs / Whistle Blower, Hot Seat / Trust Exercise, I Love You / Pass It To Me, Pass the Story / Duck Duck Goose, Rhythm Detective / The Winking Murderer, Silly Sentences / Vigorous Relays, The Machine / Fruit Salad, The Panto Party / Tangle, The Popgun Game / Pip, Squeak and Wilfred, The Train Compartment / Death of the Elocutionist, Two Hats / Monkey See Monkey Say, Walk My Way / Puppet and Master