Music Room Tech - Technology projects for the music classroom

Music Room Tech
Signature Ringtones

Cheryl Burgemeister (The Interactive Music Room) is creating a fantastic series of iPad projects for the music room.

Here are easy, fun and engaging ways for your students to explore and manipulate technology and create genuine music education outcomes - using iPads and easily available apps.

This is a teacher ebooks for iPad that give you all the information you need to present exciting and interesting iPad based music lessons. You can project or download and print charts, play audio and in some cases video directly from your iPad to your projector or IWB. All is explained and links for additional resources, both for you and your students, are included.

The first title is Signature Ringtones and contains 4 iPad projects (each taking 1-2 lessons):
  • Pitch Maps - drawing and recording in the Explain Everything app.
  • Melodic Rhythms - composing and then recording untuned and tuned percussion instruments in the Explain Everything app.
  • Ringtones - playing, recording, arranging and producing in the Garage Band app.
  • Digital Portfolios - Putting it all together in the Explain Everything app.
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