Bushfire Press The Interactive Music Room
Book 2 (lower primary).

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Music Room Interactive Book 2

The Interactive Music Room
Activity from Book 2 Unit 1 Lesson 2

Try The Interactive Music Room for yourself!
We have the lesson and support material for you to download.

You will need
  • Easiteach Reader to use the activity.
  • The Activity Folder (downloaded & unzipped on your computer)
  • Other activity support material below.

Downloading Easiteach Reader

If you do not already have it on your computer,
you can download Easiteach Reader here.
You will need to install the software to use the activity.

Downloading the Activity

You can download the zipped activity folder here or right click on the image to the right and "save as".

Double click on the zipped activity folder to unzip it.
Leave all files in the DOWNLOADED folder.

Starting the Activity

Open the unzipped activity folder and double click on the Easiteach file: B2_U1_L2.et. This will launch the software and open the file.

We have the teachers notes, the BLMs and the worked solution for you to download below -
but first you might like to view a quick demonstration of the lesson from Cheryl Burgemeister.

Running the Activity

Once you have the activity open (B2_U1_L2.et) you can try it out for yourself.

This is the third activity from lesson 3.
Start by pressing the "play (>)" button on the audio player at the bottom LHS of the page.

Listen to the track you will hear if you run the demo ... Click below to play or right-click > "save target as" or similar to download
Name Game

Click on the image below to download the
BLM for this lesson.

Download BLMs for Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Musicroom form Bushfire Press
Click on the image below to download the
Teachers Notes for this lesson.

Download teachers notes for Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Musicroom form Bushfire Press
Click on the image below to download the
Worked Solutions for this lesson.

Download worded solutions for Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Musicroom form Bushfire Press

  • Data disk (CD) containing the interactive program
  • Installer disk (CD) for Easiteach Player
  • Instructional DVD showing how to navigate and use the program
  • Teacher manual (with worked solutions etc)
  • Black Line Masters – for students’ worksheets
Music education in a Brain Based Learning environment.

Only 5% of our brain is dedicated to sound (we can process10, 000 bits per second-hearing) whereas 25%-33% of the brain processes sight (7 billion bits per seconds-visual pictures, props).

With The Interactive Music Room students get the best of both worlds: SOUND and SIGHT.

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Support Material

Instructional Videos
There is an instructional DVD included with the package which has Cheryl demonstrating the various fuctions available for you to use - and how to use them. The videos on the DVD for Book 1 are available for you to watch on-line.

The demo above is from the Book 2 DVD. The Book 2 DVD will be published on-line shortly.