Listening Room Series 1 for Beginning Primary (Elementary)

Many of the extension activities involve links to YouTube Videos.
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Crash Tinkle Plunk Toot – Extension Activities
We have some videos for you to watch around the pieces in today’s lesson. Enjoy!

Back to the Lesson (Crash Tinkle Plunk Toot)

The Minute Waltz (Waltz in D-flat Major 1847)
Frederic Chopin (French 1810-1849, romantic period)

Valentina Lisitsa’s fingers dance over the keyboard.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Serenade for Strings in G Major, 1787)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (German, 1756-1791, classical period)

Here is the Frankfurt Symphony Orchestra social distancing for the Corona Virus.
Conducted by Ruth Reinhardt

Horn Concerto #3 Rondo (1784-7)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (German, 1756-1791, classical period)

The Frankfurt Symphony Orchestra again.
Look for the violins and violas, the cellos – and of course,
the French Horn expertly played by Marc Gruber.
The video is set to start at the famous bit, but you can always go back to the beginning and hear the whole concerto.

Flanders and Swan have lost their horn!
That is why they are playing the tune on the piano instead!

Prelude a l’apres-midi d’un faune (1894)
Claude Debussy (French 1862-1916, impressionist period)

The Radio Philharmonic Orchestra led by James Gaffigan

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