Do you have a submission for publication?

Bushfire Press is an Australian based publishing house servicing the needs of teachers working with children in the music and performing arts education sector.

We publish music and performing arts resources. These include music courses, musical instrument courses, music theory textbooks, integrated arts resources (combining music, dance, drama, media, visual arts in thematic units), movement and dance resources, musicals, and drama resources.

If you have a great collection of recorder pieces, multi-instrument arrangements, choral pieces, music games, dance steps, drama ideas – or any other course or resource that you have put together – you may wish to submit these to us for possible publication.

If you have a great idea for an app or publication with an innovative collection of lessons, activities and/or resources, we would love to hear from you.

Examples may include (but are by no means limited to) targeted and themed programs in the performing arts field, comprehensive collections of lesson plans or background material, teacher training resource materials, instrumental pieces, multi-instrument arrangements, choral pieces, music games, dance steps or drama ideas.

Please submit a one-page outline of your idea and a one-page personal resumé. Also include links and a few images or screen shots if you think they would be useful. We will reply, letting you know whether or not it is consistent with our publication criteria, and if so, ask for further examples and begin the dialogue.

Send your submission directly to the publisher, Amana Temple, by email:

Please bear in mind that we cannot publish everything that crosses our desks, but we are most happy to look at your idea and give it our consideration.