Music Room Library K to 3 Value Pack

Music Room Library K to 3 Value Pack


Not so Earlybird πŸ¦‰ Special – 35% off until Friday Dec 1st.
Annual subscription with first year valid through to the end of January 2024.

Over $2,000 in value.

This is the Value Pack for our Music Room Resources.
All you need to teach music from K-3
with all lessons prepared and some even presented for you.

All are digital.
Most are readable on the Kitaboo Reader
on iPad, Mac, PC and Android and Windows tablets.
Bonus titles are downloadable.

The contents of this package are listed below.
Most are available now and the remaining titles are due to be ready for Term 1 2024.
Almost no preparation time!
More details in the description below.

Pricing: Access is for a single user for a period of 1 year and can be renewed on expiry at 50% of the then current first year subscription price.
Subscriptions purchased before the end of December 2023 will not need to be renewed until February 2025.
Access includes all updates to the materials as they are released.

Please Note:

We may need up to two working days to set up your account on the Kitaboo reader and activate your licence. We will endeavour to get this done overnight (or earlier) if we receive your order early enough in the day. We will need you to download, fill in and return a form we send you with order confirmation with account information before we can begin the process at this end.


Titles are available on the Kitaboo eReader unless they are marked with ⬇️ in which case they are downloads
Titles marked πŸ‘ are available now with remaining titles available for Term 1 2024

eMusic Room level 1$200βœ…πŸ‘
eMusic Room level 2$200βœ…πŸ‘
eMusic Room level 3$200βœ…πŸ‘
eMusic Room level 4$200βœ…πŸ‘
eMusic Room level 5$200βŒπŸ‘
eMusic Room level 6$200βŒπŸ‘
eMusic Room level 7$200βŒπŸ‘
Music Room Alive Level 1$300βŒπŸ‘
Music Room Alive Level 2$300βŒπŸ‘
Music Room Slideshow 1$150βœ…πŸ‘
Music Room Slideshow 2$150βœ…πŸ‘
Music Room Slideshow 3$150βœ…πŸ‘
Music Room Slideshow 4$150βœ…
Music Room Slideshow 5$150❌
Music Room Slideshow 6$150❌
Music Room Tech units$120βŒβ¬‡οΈπŸ‘
Urban Dance$80βœ…
Boomwhacker Resources$70βœ…β¬‡οΈπŸ‘
Music Room Games$85βœ…β¬‡οΈπŸ‘
Music Room Choiceboards 1$25βœ…β¬‡οΈπŸ‘
Music Room Choiceboards 2$25βœ…β¬‡οΈπŸ‘
Music Room Choiceboards 3$25βŒβ¬‡οΈπŸ‘
Music Room Unit – Sea Shanties$120βŒπŸ‘
Listening Room 1$140βœ…
Listening Room 2$140βœ…
Listening Room 3$140❌
Listening Room 4$140❌
(Kitaboo Reader Access)$50βœ…πŸ‘

The full K-7 Premium Pack is available by Tapping Here


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