A Recorder teaching and learning program written by Jeff Mead.

Suitable for students who have worked through the Level 1 course.

Teacher and student books are available, and both include a free CD. A wide range of engaging genres are covered- rock, rap, funk, country and western, classical, traditional jazz, folk, soul, R&B, blues, ragtime.

The teacher’s book contains CD, 20 songs, lesson plans, creative ideas, extension activities, extra parts for recorder/percussion and some photocopiable pages.

The student book contains CD, the same 20 songs, mystery questions, creative sections and extra parts for recorder/percussion.

Detailed description

Here is a copy of the contents page for Red Hot Recorder Course Level 2, along with information about the notes and rhythms learned in this level.  To see an example of the product, access the free tracks available under the Product Samples menu.

Level 2 contents and information

Product samples