A collection of 14 fun and easy drama sketches by Diana Greentree.

Suitable for use with students in middle and upper primary.

Take 2 is a fabulous collection of 14 fun and easy drama sketches for classroom drama. All sketches are written for two actors and take around two minutes to perform!


  • TAKE 2 is a series of study pieces.
  • Each script contains 1 scene.
  • Each script is roughly 2 minutes duration.
  • Each script requires 2 actors.
  • Each scene is a conversation between 2 people.

The scripts can be used either as film scripts or as stage scripts (in the classroom or at assemblies/concerts). Their short length (approximately 2 minutes reading time) means they can be read within a lesson. They can also be used as springboards for students to write their own scenes.

Each script is demonstrated on the DVD and can be printed and photocopied from the CDRom.

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Here are the teacher notes for this resource available for you to download. For a script sample, click on the product samples tab.

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