An Urban Dance styles program for beginners by Rewind Dance Crew.

Written for primary school students who are urban dance beginners.

Would you like to incorporate urban dance (hip-hop etc) into your program but don’t know where to start?

Try our simple video based Urban Dance program – and let young experts teach your students how to bust some sweet moves.

Leading Australian dance crew, Rewind, have been winning national dance competitions since the early 2000s and have represented Australia internationally at the World Hip Hop Championships in Los Angeles. They encourage an active lifestyle emphasising the importance of hard work and commitment and are active in promoting hip hop dancing through community classes and events, as well as pursuing their own competition goals.

Pricing: Access is for a single user for a period of 1 year and can be renewed on expiry at 50% of the then current first year subscription price.
Subscriptions purchased before the end of December 2023 will not need to be renewed until February 2025.

In this first instructional video set, the basics of urban dance choreography and Hip Hop influenced movements are taught in a clear and easy-to-follow way through 10 lessons – from warm-ups to basic moves, sequencing and cool downs. Learn how to put moves together to create your own dance or create team moves for your dance crew … the 8 count, the “and” count, waves and flows, footwork, turns etc.

Detailed description
  • Play the DVD and students will learn simple steps and sequences direct from the DVD
  • Play the audio CD and they can practice solo or in groups.

Here is a detailed explanation of the content provided in each lesson. All lessons are included on both the DVD and CD.

Lesson 1: The ‘8’ Count

  • Use simple grooves to follow ‘1-2-3-8’ count
  • Listening to the ‘8’ count
  • Dancing to the Up Beat and Down Beat

Lesson 2: The ‘AND’ Count

  • One AND two AND …
  • Hitting in between the 8 count
  • Building on the 8 count and feeling comfortable hitting more beats
  • Dancing faster to hit the AND count

Lesson 3: Turns & Balance

  • Different ways to turn: Step Turn
  • Hopping Turn
  • Drag Turn
  • Keeping your balance through the turns

Lesson 4: Weight Shifting

  • Knowing how to shift your body weight Side to side
  • Front to back
  • Learning where to place your weight to make moves easier

Lesson 5: Isolations

  • Moving one part of the body at a time
  • Breakdown the movement of basic limbs (head, arms, torso, legs)
  • Moving parts of the body to the beat of the song

Lesson 6: Waving & Flows

  • Arm waving Body waving
  • Building on isolations to make them smoother
  • Breaking down the Body Roll

Lesson 7: Hits & Accents

  • Muscle control
  • Hitting accents of the 8 count
  • Learning the difference between soft & hard hits
  • Stops & starts of music

Lesson 8: Levels & Drops

  • Concentrates on high and low movements
  • Movements that spring up & down quickly

Lesson 9: Basic Floor Work

  • Movement to the beat, closer to the floor
  • Knee movement
  • Footwork

Lesson 10: Overview

  • Putting the lessons together to create a basic routine
    using all the skills from the previous lessons

Product samples

Here is lesson 1!